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These are the RC files I use on every host. To put this onto a host I use a command file that is hosted on my main site curl https://dev0.sh/bashrc | bash To get vim and git-prompt then run getvim && getgit. Run upbash and upvim to stay up to date.

Powerline file forked from https://github.com/victorbrca/powerline-2column

Aliases in bashrc

share - Running share will repeat your last command and put the output on share.dev0.sh. The only output from share will be a link to your paste. (Fork this and upload to whatever paste site you prefer)

simple - Switch to the simple PS1

complex - Switch to the (default) complex PS1

getvim - Pull the vimrc file and add ~/.bak for backups to be created in

getgit - Pull git-prompt.sh from the official source for use in the complex PS1.

upbash - Update all the bashrc files from here

upvim - update vimrc from here

More can be found under the "Alias" header in bashrc