Speccy replacement script for rTS
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Windows Specifications Script

This repo contains the PS1 and files needed to run the Windows Specifications application made for rTechsupport

The PS1 or EXE must be run as admin to gather SMART, and to gather temperatures.

This script gathers:


  • Windows edition
  • Build #
  • OS install date
  • Uptime
  • Hostname
  • Domain

Security Information

  • AV product
  • Firewall product
  • UAC Status
  • SecureBoot Status


  • CPU model and temperature
  • Motherboard brand and model
  • Graphics card model and temperature
  • Amount of RAM
  • Ram model and capacities

System Information

  • System variables
  • User variables
  • Hotfix list
  • User startup tasks
  • Running processes with statistics
  • Services
  • Installed applications


  • Network adapters
  • IPconfig


  • Device manager
  • Audio devices


  • Disk layout information
  • SMART report from CDI using Get-Smart