Speccy replacement script for rTS
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Get-Specs Script

Get Windows Specifications

This repo contains the PS1 and files needed to run the Get-Specs application made for rTechsupport

The PS1 or EXE must be run as admin to gather SMART, and to gather temperatures.

This script gathers:


  • Windows edition
  • Build #
  • OS install date
  • Uptime
  • Hostname
  • Domain

Security Information

  • AV product
  • Firewall product
  • UAC Status
  • SecureBoot Status


  • CPU model and temperature
  • Motherboard brand and model
  • Graphics card model and temperature
  • Amount of RAM
  • Ram model and capacities

System Information

  • System variables
  • User variables
  • Hotfix list
  • User startup tasks
  • Running processes with statistics
  • Services
  • Installed applications


  • Network adapters
  • IPconfig


  • Device manager
  • Audio devices


  • Disk layout information
  • SMART report from CDI using Get-Smart